À propos

I am a French musician from Rennes, Brittany. Born in 1979. I fell into the cauldron of music in my teens, discovering at age 12 the Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Jacques Brel. I was lucky enough to happen to be in Rennes in the nineties where all the great bands like Bjork, Jeff Buckley, Morphine, GL Buffalo, 16 Horsepower or Nirvana launched their European debuts at the local Transmusicales festival. Lucky me.

Strongly influenced by the guys mentioned above, I started to write songs in my room at 18, and then shortly after to do home recordings thanks to my brother David’s purchases of a sound card & a microphone. Alone in a room, that’s where it all began.

Then with my friend Benjamin Bourgine we founded the folk band Kowalski, and with Morgan, Les Ronces. I released self-produced solo experiments under the monikers of Mathieu Kowalski and GONGA!. Participated to some cool side ventures like the country-cover band Chuckets, helped with a little guitar on « Huis Clos » by Mr Teddy Bear and sang the beautiful words of the poet Denis Flageul on the CD Book « Emmenez-moi dans un bar » produced by Jean-Marie Flageul.

Today I live in New York, I write songs in French and perform in the Village bars under my name. I work currently on a folk form with my buddy Benoît Le Dévédec. I just released in September a solo record called « New York » and I’m very excited by this new project.

This site is dedicated to these many projects. You will find a lot of info about them. It s a clumsy attempt to gather the pieces.

Anyway I hope you’ll be touched by some of what you’ll listen to. That’s what music is for.

Thanks for listening my friends. Look forward to seeing you!