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The Chuckets is an anglicized version of Les Chouquettes, a delicious French ‘viennoiserie’ made of pate à choux. That is to say how tough we are. No actually it’s all wrong but French people pronounced ‘chouquettes’ when it should really be pronounced ‘Chuckets’ like in the motto « love them or chuck them. »

Morgan Chauvel created the band from an invitation he had by Pascal Jaunault to perform a concert at his Cave Gourmande in St Aubin d’Aubigné. ‘What am I gonna do?’ he said. So he gathered good friends, among whom were yours truly, Vincent Dauny playing bass, and Oscar Phileas playing the drums.  We dug deep into the American stuff we loved: Country and Western anthems (Rifle, pony and Me), 60s classics (Sealed with a kiss), and French oldies (Eddy Mitchell’s Route de Memphis, Johnny Halliday’s Quand la Guitare fait mal); A couple of rehearsals and… the Chuckets were born! It was so much fun  that we decided to play some more and, good news, there were tons of opportunities to tour with that repertoire ! From the Moules-Frites parties in camping places to the Jardin Moderne we played our scenic rodéo all over the country. And it’s not over!  Look forward to seeing you on the road, old chaps !