« Si l’homme descend du singe, il peut aussi y remonter. »

Buster Keaton

Listen here to Gonga! : https://gongamusic.bandcamp.com/releases

Bought an electric bass, an electric guitar, a powerful amp and a microphone. Edited drum loops on my computer, started piling sonic ideas on them. Building energetic rock « songs » which would never really match with my current bands : they were too punkish, too poppy, etc… Well one night after watching John Huston’s Wise Blood I had this vision of the gorilla face. That was the trigger of the project. I bought this crazy gorilla costume on « le bon coin » and started gathering these unreleased material to build a little record that would get this raw energy I was into. The crappy garage sound (sorry about that mates, it’s all DIY), the paranoid lyrics, the screams, the « right here right now » energy of the chosen takes, the great photo shoot Romain Escuriola thrown for the cover art in Montpellier … Well all the ingredients were gathered and now::: GONGA exists! Still there was this dream of a video for the project… Well it took a couple of years to achieve it but hey, in the end, what a blast! Jason Girard & Romain from the Black Lions pushed GONGA! a little further from its swamp by shooting and editing this little rocket. Thanks dudes, you’re the most amazing people! So for those who do not know yet about the work of the Black Lions, watch it now it’s worth the ride goddamn! :