Les Ronces

How to describe Les Ronces ?

If you like Jean Carmet, the glorious hours of the 80s TV Series PALACE, the movie Calmos by Bertrand Blier, the productions of Joël Séria and Groland, these great tastes may help you to locate our little village on the musical map.

It all started in the well-named town of L’Hermitage (zipcode 35590) at the end of the 1990s with the great Morgan Chauvel. We started to hang out and play music, in a vigorous half soprano style that used to frighten our suburban neighbours. We decided not to give a fuck about that and kept on singing and improvising « stuff » soon to be recorded with the help of a 40 franc microphone.

Since then, we have been recording a broad range of « stuff », from early burps concertos to Corsican pocket symphonettas , but we will only disclose to the general public what can be reasonably listened to today… So you will find here on our Bandcamp page an « essential » selection of these little Pépites. https://lesronces.bandcamp.com/

The recruitment of our mate Aurélien Guérin as a drummer surely helped raise the musical bar and dare live performances. And that’s not all : we got another recruit ! Vincent Dauny, ladies & gentlemen. And soon, you know what? A NEW RECORD TO RELEASE  IN 2018 !!! AND WE RE WORKING ON A MOVIE TOO !!! Keep you posted.