Matthieu Eveillard

Breton singer songwriter relocated in New York, I created this website (thank you Teresitah!) to present my musical work built over the past 17 years- especially the new exciting project in French I’m developing under my name (no more monikers). This relocation led to the recording and the release of a folk album, « New York » in September 2016,  an E.P. « Tous nos Feux Brûlent la nuit » in July 2017, and in June 2019 a fully-arranged album called « Petit Sauvage #1 ». You will find a lot of info about all these musical ventures, past, present and future. This website project started as a request from friends who got lost into the various bandcamp pages scattered throughout the internet, and now it became some kinda archive. I am happy to share this music with you. Hope you’ll enjoy the trip 🙂 !